Elastofoam® – Flexible Integral Systems

The combination of a lightweight, flexible foam core and a compact, tough skin result in the typical characteristics of Elastofoam ®.

The flexible PU integral foam is distinguished for:
  • decorative surface finish - pleasant to the touch
  • high abrasion resistance
  • resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals
  • elasticity even after continuous stress
  • low thermal conductivity
Elastofoam is the perfect material for the manufacture of armrests and chair crosses


Thanks to the flexibility as well as decorative, insensitive surface, Elastofoam ® is the perfect material for the manufacture of armrests and chair crosses. Inserts made of wood or metal give the necessary stability to the moulded part.

As container casing the polyurethane system protects against dents and transport damage
Container Casing

The polyurethane system protects the inserted metal containers against dents and transport damage and offers additional design options. Colour coding can be implemented as well as smooth or textured surfaces.
Polyurethane-fixed cable harness shapes and substantially facilitate mounting
Cable Sheathing

PU-fixed cable harness shapes and orientations substantially facilitate mounting which also brings down maintenance and repair costs. Complete cable sheathings ensure reliable humidity insulation even under extreme conditions.
Buttons and switches of polyurethanes provide touch-friendly surface textures

High-grip, abrasion-resistant switches in flexible PU integral foams provide touch-friendly surface textures and give designers a host of options for particularly attractive solutions.
Elastofoam fixes and seals air filter gaskets
Air Filter Gaskets

High-quality engines demand especially clean air for 'respiration'. This is an interesting example of how BASF facilitates production and simultaneously complies with all engineering requirements: a foamed edge precisely fixes and reliably seals the filter medium at the same time.
Elastofoam - Flexible integral systems
Steering Wheels

High-grip steering wheels with integral airbag covers feature surface textures that are pleasant to the touch, impact-resistant at low temperatures and compliant with all necessary safety requirements made by engineers. Moreover, they permit designers to select from a variety of attractive options.