Elastoflex® E – Semi-Rigid Systems

Elastoflex ®E is the name of demand-driven, tailor-made, semi-rigid PU foam systems as used for foam backing films, skins or leather, for example.

Greater Safety, greater comfort - with the dashboard foambacking in Elastoflex E

Elastoflex ® E offers special benefits: It is economic thanks to its short demoulding cycle, low material consumption and high process safety and makes material and energy savings possible by its lower foam density with 'lightweight' systems. When combined with PVC-, ABS- and PU-films, PU achieves good adhesion. In the automotive sector noise and vibration dampening can achieve high driving comfort in vehicle interiors. With fogging values below 0.5 mg according to DIN 75201 emissions in the passenger compartment are low.




Elastoflex E foam systems in vehicle interiors comply with the demands of automobile manufacturers
Elastoflex ® E foam systems for foam backed moulded parts in vehicle interiors comply with the demands made by automobile manufacturers for:
  • improved passenger protection by load distribution during impact
  • Hidden Airbag solutions
  • single-shot foam backing for a highly complex moulding geometry (dashboard incl. storage compartment) with long flow paths
  • good adhesion to films and skins
  • good adhesion to the instrument panel beams as well as to reinforcing and fixing components
  • weight savings obtained by a semi-rigid foam of low density
  • short demoulding cycle
  • excellent elasticity and good thermal and anti-freezing resistance of finished parts
  • process safety
  • defined soft touch for finished parts


Demand-driven, tailor-made, semi-rigid polyurethane foam systems of Elastoflex E
Beam components

in fibre-reinforced Elastoflex ® E semi-rigid systems for manufacturing low-cost, lightweight and yet stiff, parts as a unified whole including decor and space for fittings. Sliding roof linings for sun roofs or door side panels can be manufactured using impregnation as well as injection processes.





LFI-PU using Elastoflex ® E
The LFI-PU process (long-fibre injection process) developed by Krauss-Maffei and BASF Polyurethanes makes it possible to produce glass fibre-reinforced door claddings, glove compartments, back rests and the like in one single processing step:

  • comparatively low investment cost
  • reduced punchings
  • lower cost roving (instead of more expensive continuous fibre glass mats)
  • extensive use of existing moulds/dies
  • easy and self-releasing Elastoflex ® E grades possible
  • finished parts with comparable or smaller wall thickness without impaired strength
  • high dimensional stability and fit of moulded parts

Thermo slabstock foam systems based on Elastoflex E semi-rigid-systems in headliners Thermo slabstock foam systems based on Elastoflex ® semi-rigid systems

for manufacturing ultra-lightweight composite structures: automotive applications such as roof cladding elements.

Using thermo-plastically mouldable middle layers of this special foam system, contoured, large-format sound insulating surface elements can be joined.

Energy-absorbing Elastoflex semi-rigid systems :
Applications as shock absorbing elements to protect the human body against impact and fragile goods against heavy impact loads.