The Flexible Thermal Insulation Solution

Customized Climate Management

The innovative insulation material SLENTEX® opens up completely new areas of application for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Historically protected facades, building elements such as balconies, access balconies or entrances, uneven brickwork: SLENTEX® can be applied flexibly wherever other insulation materials reach their limits.

Premium choice for various areas of application in the construction and restoration sectors

This non-flammable, simple-to-use anorganic aerogel material is the innovation for extremely slim and highly efficient wall insulation. With a value of ≤19mW/m • K, SLENTEX® achieves much lower thermal conductivity than previous insulation materials.

SLENTEX® fits various building structures, while fulfilling high energetic requirements.

Good indoor climate starts with insulation

  • allows very slim composite systems for thermal insulation
  • low lambda value of ≤19mW/m • K for super-efficient insulation
  • material can be applied flexibly – ideal for special insulation requirements
  • mineral-based product
  • non-flammable (construction materials class A2 DIN EN 13051-1)
  • vapour-permeable

SLENTEX® is currently only available as one layered Silica aerogel of 10mm thickness with fireclass A2.


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