PU Concepts

Based on innovative concept studies BASF Polyurethanes shows new application areas for polyurethane (PU). As diverse material properties of polyurethane are as vast are the fields of application.

The concept shoe PURE 1.0 was the first study of this kind. From heel to sole, the shoe is made of 100 per cent polyurethane. The concept fridge coolpure 1.0 demonstrates that PU can be used in household appliances for more than insulation. Ten materials with different characteristics prove this.

coolpure 1.0 demonstrates totally new fields of application for polyurethane in the refrigerator sector. It is a demonstration of creativity and technical ingenuity in exploiting the incredible versatility of polyurethane – thus opening up new possibilities in terms of materials and design.

PURE 1.0 – PURE 1.1 – PURE 1.2

It took less than a year from the initial sketches to the birth of the "All-PU-Shoe".

The success of the PURE 1.0 was continued by the two following generations: PURE 1.1 transports raw material innovations to the customer and PURE 1.2 showcases diverse opportunities for sustainable solutions for our customers.

„Cavus“: from sand core to serial hollow part