The Perfect Team for the Relaxing Moments in Life

Rest on the soft flexible foam Cosy PUR® Visco: Dreamlike sleep – spa feeling ensured. On the stuff dreams are made of. The flexible foam CosyPUR® Supersoft gives you super soft moments even  on the hardest day.

CosyPUR® Visco moulded viscoelastic foam means  restful nights and relaxed mornings.

Pillows, mattresses and mattress topper pads made from CosyPUR® Visco work like a spa while you are sleeping. Viscoelastic flexible foams are characterized by their slow  recovery. They provide an ideal support for the body and utmost comfort when sitting or lying on them.


Depending upon the individual requirements the consistency of this viscoelastic foam can be finely adjusted. Soft or firm, flexible or slow – everything is possible with this intelligent material. Moulded parts used in ortho­paedics particularly benefit from its versatility. Those placing more value on relaxation than stress should definitely lay more than just their head on CosyPUR® Visco.


Relaxing reasons for CosyPUR® Visco:

  • - Moulded density from 40 to 250 kg/m3
  • - Adjustable hardness and recovery properties
  • - Air permeable
  • - Viscoelasticity retained over a wide temperature range
  • - Excellent long-term characteristics
  • - Low emissions
  • - Flameretardant alternatives and versions containing renewable resources (CosyPUR® BALANCE) are available



CosyPUR® Supersoft – for sports and leisure and total relaxation.

Everything that makes our lives softer and more relaxing has been incorporated in the new CosyPUR® Supersoft: the result of the innovative vision of our product developers combined with our long-term expertise in the field of flexible foams, extensive testing and our comprehensive PU know-how.


The extremely welcoming quality of CosyPUR® Supersoft totally wins you over. This new material possesses the high elasticity previously found only in latex products. Moreover, CosyPUR® Supersoft is extremely air permeable and with its special foam structure it ensures perceptible softness, elasticity, and a pleasant cool freshness. This combination makes CosyPUR® Supersoft a unique product.


Only CosyPUR® Supersoft guarantees:

  • - Moulded density from 45 kg/m3 to 250 kg/m3
  • - Extraordinary elasticity
  • - Exceptional air permeability and breathability
  • - Excellent long-term use properties
  • - Low emissions
  • - Flameretardant alternatives and versions containing renewable resources (CosyPUR® BALANCE) are available