Expertise in Polyurethane

BASF Polyurethanes develops, produces and distributes the efficient and versatile special synthetic polyurethane (abbreviated PU). The brand “PU Solutions Elastogran” exemplifies over 50 years of experience of the market and technology leader in Europe.

BASF is leading supplier of Polyurethane Solutions for systems, specialties and PU basic products. With its comprehensive product portfolio and custom-designed services, BASF is the preferred partner of its customers in many industries.

With its global network of 39 polyurethane system houses, BASF provides fast local support, from technical service and sales to production and marketing. In partner-like co-operation with its customers BASF develops new products and solutions, and constantly advance these.

We have an extensive range of tailored systems and basic products for manufacturing cellular PU foam materials and compact polyurethanes.

PU basic materials

With its world-scale plants, BASF secures its leading market position in the production of polyurethane basic products in all regions of the world. Basic materials are available for any application field of PU: polyols, isocyanates, catalysts and additives.

PU systems

Our wide range of polyurethane systems is divided into various groups according to their properties, such as hard, soft, integral or compact. Market names like Elastopor®, Elastoflex® or Elastolit® are just a few examples of acknowledged BASF innovations in the international polyurethane world.

PU special elastomers

As well as being the systems' market and technology leader, we are also leading the way with thermoplastic and cellular special elastomers – both highly refined specialities.

  • Elastollan® is an innovative, multi-talented material with incredible potential. A thermoplastic PU elastomer (TPU) can be processed using a variety of targeted procedures. It offers an outstanding combination of elasticity and resilience, guaranteed over a broad temperature range.
  • We develop, produce and sell components made of cellular PU elastomers under the Cellasto® brand name. Nine out of ten car manufacturers use Cellasto suspension systems in their cars. As supplementary suspension, in compression buffers and damper beds, or as a complete system, it absorbs vibrations and reduces noise, improving driving safety and comfort.