Polyurethanes in Furniture

Over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends around 200,000 hours on mattresses, sofas, and chairs.

This is reason enough to demand the highest quality. For beds, office chairs, and borders, polyurethane ensures comfort, well-being, and sophisticated design. BASF Polyurethanes provides a broad array of superior quality PU applications from the entire spectrum of polyurethane basic products and systems. From soft and rigid foams to block and integral foams.

More Comfort – More Joie de Vivre

Polyurethanes allow for diverse design options for furniture manufacturers – in extravagant, classic or luxurious style.

Work Better on Better Office Chairs

High seating comfort, pleasant surfaces and durable quality in office furniture formed by polyurethanes. This is true for seat cushions made of Elastoflex® W or Elastofoam®, but also for armrests made of Elastofoam®.

For the Relaxing Moments in Life

Even pillows with degrees of hardness from supersoft to viscoelastic can be made of polyurethanes. The mold flexible foam CosyPUR® offers full flexibility for a variety of needs.