BASF Nederland B.V. product assortment

BASF Nederland B.V. supplies a wide assortment of systems for polyurethane and polyurea applications.

Elastopor®, Elastopir®, Elastocoat® are registered trademarks of  BASF.


Systems are divided into the following categories:

The systems within these groups are once again divided with respect to application.


The products can be deliverd in:

  • Drums with a capacity of 50 - 60 kg and 200 - 250 kg
  • IBC's with a capacity of 900 - 1200 kg
  • Bulk deliveries in tankers


By using the Closed-Loop method collection of empty packaging can, in many cases, be arranged for deliveries that have taken place in drums or IBC's


BASF Nederland B.V. also supplies ancillaries such as:

  • Cleaning agents
  • Release agents
  • Primers
  • Light-stable top coats

Please contact  us when you are seeking a concrete solution for your application.


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